Hello! My name is Jonas McCartha and I am a freelance composer, producer, and audio designer for games, trailers, podcasts, and other media. I have experience working on trailers, short films, horror, retail games, and countless game jams. I’m focused on working with my clients to nail the unique aesthetic, style, or tone they’re looking for on a given project. Please look below for my portfolio, testimonials, creative commons tracks, and more. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a form to contact me, or you can contact me directly at my SoundCloud, or just e-mail me.


"Collaborating with Jonas was easy as he immediately understood what I was going for and responded to my notes professionally and with a lot of insight artistically. In the end he delivered a production-quality score for my game that far exceeded my expectations."

-Jacob Potterfield, creator of The Bitter End

"Jonas is professional, asks the right questions, and delivers excellent quality work. He's a pleasure to work with."

-Xavier Sellier, Binogure Studios

"Collaboration on a video game project with Conciliator went really smooth. I had a general thought about what I wanted for the music to convey and he brought his own ideas that fit very well. He was also very open to iterate on already delivered music and reliable with deadlines."

-Kamil Bazyldo, Bazilisk

"Jonas brought an awesome soundtrack to Memento Mori under relatively short notice, adding so much to the game. They were easy to work with despite my lack of experience, receptive to discussion and very punctual. All around a cool person, give them your money "

-Profan, Memento Mori

Why Conciliator|Music?



I don’t want to just copy similar projects and phone it in - I want to work with you to tap into the unique aesthetic or tone you’re going for with your project. However cheerful or dreary, however straightforward or experimental, I want to understand the exact feel you’re going for in your game or project and help you achieve it.


I’ve been a gamer, a musician, and a music-lover for over 20 years. I have experience with everything from horror to platformers to management sims, and I’m as influenced by Nobuo Uematsu and Akira Yamaoka as I am by classic rock, hip-hop, jazz, EDM, and more. I work in many different styles , and love to find ways to combine them!


Indie Pricing

I got my start doing sound and music for game jams, and still love that scene. Whatever your budget or the size of your project, I may be able to work with you.


I believe first and foremost in doing business honestly. If I am working on music or sound for your project, I will do everything in my power to deliver content that is at the quality you expect, at the time you need it, and at the pricing we agreed upon.


Hit me up!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any business inquiries, general questions, or comments. You can also reach me at my SoundCloud. I’m interested in projects of all sizes.

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